An average family spends about 6 – 8 hours of work on laundry every week, in general. This is on top of all the other house chores such as cleaning, washing dishes, sweeping, etc that have to be done. Imagine the amount of tiredness and stress you shoulder, especially after a long day out at work.
Should you consider outsourcing your laundry services? We break this question down for you.

Let’s take the average time that one needs to complete the laundry for an average family size of 3.
  • Loading your washing machine and waiting for the job to be done – 45 min to 1 hour
  • Hanging clothes to dry – 30 min
  • Collecting and folding clothes – 30 – 45 min
  • Ironing clothes – 30 – 45 min
Total average time: ~2 hours from start to finish, each time
You would be spending about 2 – 3 hours every week if you are living on your own.
An average family may do their laundry every alternate day, if not every day. That means, at least 6 – 8 hours of work on clothes alone for your family every week.
Consider the amount of time you spend on just doing laundry alone, not forgetting the other house chores like sweeping, mopping, surface cleaning and washing dishes. This could end up pretty stressful especially when you have a young family with little help where housework seems never-ending.
Some of the reasons to consider
1. Saves Time (and Money)
We are all living in a time-pressed society. Every moment means much to us and spending time on routine work like doing house chores can be quite cumbersome, not to mention boring.
Imagine how much time (and money) you save on if you put these hours into more quality and productive activities when you send your clothings to a laundry shop.

If you have a young family to take care of, you get to spend more time with your children instead of rushing to and fro with housework that keeps piling up on daily basis. Not to mention that these are time-consuming work where you have to wait for the machine to do its work and wait for the clothes to dry.
By outsourcing your laundry, you not only save time but also valuable moments with your family, not fighting over responsibilities. You also get to focus on more productive work whether you are a full-time working parent or one who is looking for part-time work.
If you are a young professional living on your own, you can manage your time and focus on your work and social life better instead of worrying about having to split time for housework.
2. Saves Space 
You get to save the space on hanging your clothes and on ironing as well.
Unlike other countries where you can get wide space outdoors to hang your laundry, our living space in Singapore is getting smaller and smaller. We are always looking for ways to maximize our living space.
Furthermore, we spend most of our time outside, while the laundry stays indoors. You risk having clothes that smell musty on wet days, not to mention having limited space to hang the next round of laundry.
You also might end up having clothes that smell oily if your laundry space and kitchen are in near vicinity to each other.
On weekends, there are concerns about hanging outdoors where you have to deal with weather and possibly inconsiderate neighbours with dripping wet laundry and what not. There could even be times when you might forget to collect your laundry in and end up having to re-do your laundry again.
3. Savings on Electricity and Water Bill 
A washing machine (plus a dryer) not only takes up space but also increase your electricity and water bill. With the recent increase in utility expenses, outsourcing your laundry may be a better idea.
You can try out laundry shops for a month and compare if there are any savings. At 24H Laundry Room, we provide annual memberships to customers so they can save more with 10% off laundry/dry clean/load wash all year round. Contact us to find out more here.
4. Better Care for Sophisticated Clothing
How many times have you shrunk, spoiled or damaged a piece of clothing because the quality was too sensitive or fragile to the machine setting? We may have the most sophisticated washing machine, but we still need to be conscious of the clothing we put in for washing.
It’s so much easier to send to the shop if you want to wash or dry clean a piece of exquisite clothing that you value instead of cleaning it yourself. Sending your clothes to the Laundry Room eliminates this risk. You know that your clothes are in safe hands.
With all the above advantages, it is definitely enticing to outsouce your washing.
At 24H Laundry Room, we operate 24/7 so you can drop your laundry anytime you like and collect them when the laundry is done. We provide a range of services from bulk washing to ala carte options like just dry clean, or wash and fold, with or without ironing, all to your preferences.
Do check out our Services Page for details on the pricing list.
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