If you have been sitting on the fence wondering whether you should send your laundry to a laundromat, here are some factors that you might want to consider.  With a 24/7 laundry kiosk like ours, we are sure it will benefit your lifestyle moving forward.

#1 Convenience 

With a 24-hour laundry kiosk, you can choose to drop off and pick up your laundry at your own time and convenience. No more waiting for the weather, feeling disgruntled or depending on someone else to complete your laundry for you. Neither do you have to choose between doing your laundry or going out during the weekend anymore.

#2 Cost Savings 

It can seem hard to weigh in on this but with a washing machine at home, not only are you incurring water and electricity expenses (which is already on the rise) but also on your ironing / steaming as well.
With bulk load wash and discounts off on every visit, you get to save more as time goes by.
Contact us to know more on how to get discounts when you visit our 24h laundry kiosk. 

#3 Time Savings

Not only does sending your laundry to us mean less time spent on hanging, folding and ironing your clothes, it also means you get more time for yourself and your family as well as your social circle.
Imagine having to spend 1 – 2 hours every weekend on ironing the piles of clothing when you could be out spending quality time with your family and friends.

#4 Increase In Your Productivity

Savings in time equal to more time for more productive work, be it at home or at work. You get to share lesser burden and stress in terms of managing your house chores since there is now one less chore to worry about.
At the same time, you get more time to focus on creating productive work without the thoughts of doing your laundry nagging at the back of your head.

#5 No More Fighting over Housework

Whether you are staying with your family or your partner, delegating housework is never fun especially when things get forgotten. Outsourcing your laundry can eliminate this problem for you and your loved ones.

#6 More Time For Yourself

Definitely one of the most important reasons to free yourself from never-ending house chore, especially the time-consuming laundry that you need to routinely do. Otherwise, you’d be out of anything to wear.
Sending your laundry to us not only frees up your time. You are also doing yourself a favour by allowing yourself time to rest and recover, especially during the weekends.
When most would choose to spend their time clearing their housework checklist. You could be enjoying your cuppa planning your next week with ease and start your week fresh.
So we hope the above reasons are good enough, if not a push factor for you, to consider sending your laundry to us.
Conventional laundry shops require you to wait at the shop while your clothes are being washed and dried. This is no better than having to wait for your laundry at home where you could still do other stuff. At 24H Laundry Room, we not only provide you with the above benefits; namely convenience, savings in time and cost, improving your lifestyle, relationships and self-care. We are also environmentally conscious in our business.
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