You took great care of your wedding gown before the big day. You have decided to buy the gown, something you own to remember your once in a lifetime event. Now that the big day is over, how should you take care of your wedding gown?

Chances are that you could have gotten some stains on your dress with all that walking, sweat in the warm weather and food (and wine). Sometimes even your lipstick and foundation could end up on the seams of your gown. With a combination of stains and dirt to handle, what should you do with them?

Instead of trying to wash and remove any stains yourself, it is best to send them to the dry cleaner to prevent further damage. Some materials are more delicate than others. It’s best to let the professionals handle the stress.

  • Send it to dry clean the next day.

Sending your gown to the dry cleaner the next day prevents the stains from setting on your dress. Furthermore, as you get settled into your married life, chances are that you might keep holding off this task. By the time you remember three weeks later, it would be much harder to remove the stains and could potentially leave a permanent mark on it.

Besides, invisible marks like perfumes might end up yellowing the material over time.

  • After Dry Cleaning

Remember to store your gown in a cool dry place. In Singapore, we have a pretty humid condition. It is not uncommon for moisture and mould to grow on your gown, turning them yellow over a long period of time.

If you own a wedding gown that you hope to pass down to your daughter, do take extra care to preserve the gown. What’s a little investment compared to the future memories you will create with your next generation to come?

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