What to Consider When Looking for a Laundry Service

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Doing laundry has to be the most time-consuming chore ever. Good thing there’s a wide array of laundry services to choose from in Singapore!

But of course, you only want to go with a good laundry service you can trust. You certainly don’t want to find your clothes falling to bits after you get them back from your chosen cleaners! 

Below, we’ve gathered all the useful tips and tricks when it comes to considering a laundry service.

1. Pricing and Cost

Laundry services usually charge based on the weight of your clothes. Certain services involved an additional cost — like having them fold your clothes.

Do a survey of the prices by kilogram or pound for the services in your area. Note that the cheapest option doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best, because some may actually offer limited options.

In addition, the most expensive laundry services aren’t exactly the best either. The general rule is to restrict your search to those with good reviews from their clients. 

After you’ve narrowed down your search to those, go ahead and compare their rates. You generally want services close to the average price. 

2. The Equipment 

In order to successfully cater to the needs of their clients, laundry services need equipment. Those may include washers and dryers, dry clean machines, steamers, pressing machines, etc.

For the most part, there’s little to distinguish commercial laundry machines from each other. But if you care about “being green”, you may want to ask a laundry service if their equipment is safe for the environment.

Ask in particular about the detergents and softeners they use. Some cleaners even use herbal or eco-friendly ones.

3. Timing and Efficiency

Timing is one of the most important things to consider when looking for the best laundry service. If you’re having your everyday clothes washed, you’d want to know when you’re getting them back. 

That’s why you have to think about this when looking for a laundry service. Look for cleaners who do the job well but also do it as quickly as possible.

Some laundry services even have a next-day option for their customers. However, this will definitely cost more than regular washing.

4. Clothing Policy

Losing something important sucks, whether it’s your favorite pair of socks or the overused shirt you’ve had since forever.

Before choosing the best laundry service, make sure you check out their clothing policies regarding lost or damaged clothes. Ask if they’ll be able to replace your personal belongings in such cases.

Although it’s a rare occurrence for laundry services to lose or break clothes, it’s still better to know what you’re getting into before it happens to you.

5. Pick-up and Delivery Concerns 

Being able to opt for either a pick-up or a delivery is great, especially when you’ve got a jam-packed schedule.

Some laundry services offer free delivery, which is a great way to save money. Others set up a time window for you to pick up your clothes from them or a 24H kiosk like us where you can drop off and and collect your laundry and dry clean from us anytime at your convenience.

6. Good Customer Service

You can’t underestimate the importance of good customer service either. Nobody wants to deal with unpleasant staff! 

In order to figure out the best laundry service, your questions as well as your other demands need to be addressed quickly, politely, and efficiently.

If your first queries about a laundry service are met rudely by its staff, steer clear. If they can’t treat you well, what are the chances of them treating your clothes properly?

7. Privacy Concerns

Your clothes should be treated with utmost care because they’re personal. In order to find the best laundry service, you need to determine how much they’ll safeguard your privacy.

Ask if they keep your data private. There should be a policy for customer privacy within the company.

Find out too if your chosen laundry service washes each individual’s clothes in a separate machine. They should at least use laundry nets to prevent a mix-up between clients’ bundles.

Anyway, those are the most important things to check out when looking for a laundry service. Follow our tips above and you’ll find a good one that can accommodate most of your needs. 

Take note that even the best laundry services can’t accommodate certain types of washing, though. For example, if you want rugs or carpets washed instead, you’ll usually have to go to a Singapore carpet cleaner for that. 

Either way, we hope our guide gave you an idea of how to pick a laundry service. And remember, if in doubt, you can always ask us at the 24H Laundry Room to help you!

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