Who We Are

24H Laundry Room is socially conscious and dedicated to the empowerment and employment of women, ensuring they stay relevant and employed.

We took over in 2015. At 24H Laundry Room, our goal is to assist customers in reclaiming precious time from laundry routines and chores, allowing for more meaningful moments with family and hobbies. As professional laundry and dry cleaners, we wash, press and remove stains on your clothing and linen items.

Garments include dresses, shirts, pants, suits, jackets, coats, and down-feather winter wear. We specialize in washing and dry cleaning various linens including bedsheets, comforters, quilts, duvets, curtains, as well as ethnic costumes such as Sari, Cheongsam, Wedding Gowns, and Baju Kurung.

For hassle-free laundry and dry cleaning services, we’ve launched a 24-hour kiosk for convenient drop-off and pick-up. No need to schedule a specific time—simply drop off your laundry at your convenience.


Innovation and Technology

At 24H Laundry Room, we introduce automatation in the form of 24-hour kiosk called Fetch – The Anytime Cleaning Retriever. We give customers the convenience and time to drop off and pick up their laundry anytime without the need for manned staff. It is secure and hassle-free.

The video below shows how the kiosk works and how to use the system.



Corporate Social Responsibility

As a small business, we strive to be socially responsible and to create a sustainable business to improve lives with environmental concerns and social well-being in mind.

We do our part by offering eco-wash for laundry. You can do yours by recycling hangers at home or with us and recycling bags for your laundry.